Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sew it Begins

Last night I cut out what is hopefully going to be my first real garment. I chose McCalls 6038, which is a straight skirt with darts, a back zipper, and a back slit. I chose view B which is the third skirt from the left, though they are all very similar.

 Now, I know that you are just on the edge of your seat wondering what kind of fabric I am going to use? Is it lime green with hot pink stars? How about black, shiny and see through? No, no wait, it must be black with glittery little skulls with cutesy hearts as eyes? Now, get ready, hang onto your seat and wait for fabric is (drum roll please) plain navy blue with no glitter, hearts, or skulls anywhere to be found. Yes, I am making a plain, navy blue pencil skirt. I have a few reasons for picking plain navy. Reason one is that I don't own a navy skirt and think it would be a good addition to my wardrobe. (I plan on wearing this skirt no matter how it turns out.) Secondly, I am an accounting major and I have to dress in business attire for all classes that are in the school of business. Because of this I need clothing that is dressier than your typical everyday jeans and a sweater attire. Thirdly, I want to sew things that aren't reminiscent of things I might have worn on a Friday night a few years ago in high school. I want to make "grown up" clothes that look more like they came from Ann Taylor Loft rather than Charlotte Russe.

Now, back to the skirt. As I stated I have cut the skirt out already, but I have yet to make any markings on it other than clipping notches. I have read the directions for marking darts in both my modern and vintage sewing books, but I am undecided on which method I want to use. I don't have any carbon paper or a tracing wheel so that option is out, as is chalk because I have yet to acquire any of that. I think that I am going to use tailors tacks, but first I must learn how to make tailor's tacks. (When I made all of the aprons I didn't take marking very seriously.) I am going to do a few searches on the internet for ways to mark darts and then make my final decision on how to mark them soon. Hopefully, I will have a completed skirt to show the world soon!

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