Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Shirt is Finally Done!

I finally finished a top! I used Simplicity 2614 and I made view E, which is a sleeveless top with a tie. I used s slippery polyester fabric that I bought it Joanns. As I stated in another post, I am rendered incapable of making an intelligent decision when I am in the presence of anything polka dotted. This fabric was no exception.  In hindsight perhaps a silky fabric that frays like crazy wasn't the wisest decision for my first top.

When I looked at the sizing on the envelope it indicated that I needed to make a size 16. However, I also compared that measurement to the finished garment measurements and decided on the 14 with a D cup. I think next time I would make a 14 with a C cup or add more gathers under the bust if I used the D again.

This top isn't without it's problems though. First, it's just not quite long enough for my taste. It seems that the bottom part is what needs length as opposed to the bust part.  I enclosed the bottom edge in bias tape instead of hemming it and it''s still a little shorter than I would like. (By the way, I am barely 5'7" so someone taller would definitely need to lengthen it.).  It is long enough to tuck into a skirt but I would just like it to be a little longer to wear un-tucked. If I make it again I will be adding to the length.

Secondly, my gathers under the bust are slightly wonky and it makes them poof out in a slightly strange looking way. The worst part of this top was the facing. It put up a fight, a mean mean fight. The winner of the fight is still undecided but I regret to inform you that I think I am the loser in this fight. I sewed it together the wrong way twice, then proceeded to pin it together the wrong way the third time. Once it was finally sewn on the top I couldn't get it to lay right in the "V" part of the neck. I ended up clipping into it in a way that I am sure could make advanced seamstresses cry. Oh well, I am the only one who is going to see the inside. Even though there were trials and tribulations that went with this top I am just counting them as learning experiences and I fully intend on wearing my slightly wonky top.

Thank ya'll for stopping by my blog!


  1. They say there is a fine line between brave and foolish ... and it looks like you can't see that line any better than I can! LOL Kudos for jumping in and slogging it out - and getting a top you can still wear. :)

  2. Found your blog via PR. Cute, cute top and it looks great on you!!