Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage or Modern?

Vintage or Modern? I think that I will choose both vintage and modern, books that is. I have two sewing books that I plan on using as my main references for mastering the basics. First, let us look at the modern book. For Christmas I requested and received a copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, which will be my main modern reference book, This book is sleek and modern and chock full of wonderful colorful photographs, over 1200 according to the cover. I plan on pouring over the section on inserting zippers, ah zippers, later tonight. You see, zippers are 2/3 of the wannabe problem. I have hundreds of them. I have invisible ones, short ones, long ones, and a ton of vintage ones with metal teeth. Where in the world did I acquire so many zippers? Well, the majority, about 250 or so,  "mysteriously" followed me home after an auction that I visited. All of these zippers that I own wannabe in clothes, just like I wannabe a seamstress.

Now, for the vintage book. I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens Sewing book a few months ago at an estate sale. While I can't find a date listed on the book I assume it's from the late 1960s. I do want to make vintage patterns as well as modern ones so I believe this book will be very helpful. I also want to incorporate a few vintage techniques into my arsenal of sewing "weapons". This book is completely different from the Singer photo sewing book as it is comprised of line drawings as opposed to photographs. As a bonus this book includes a short section on planning your wardrobe, where it is suggested that you pair gloves with your dress, oh how times have changed. BH&G will be my go-to book for all things vintage sewing.

Hopefully these two books will help morph me from a wannabe to a "be"!


  1. I like your idea of using zippers as a sort of bait for the actual dress. I need a 22 inch black zipper to lure a silk cocktail dress. Nice writing, keep it up!