Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Current Project

I actually have been sewing, even if I have been working at a snail's pace. Hopefully, I will have a wonderful finished garment to show ya'll tomorrow but for now I thought that I'd babble a little about what it is exactly that I'm working on. Since pictures are the best part of a blog post lets start with that. Here's that pattern that I'm using.

I am making view E, which is the shirt in the bottom right hand corner. The fabric I am using is a very cute dark gray fabric with white polka dots. The fabric is indeed cute but it's also 100% polyester and oh so slippery. Now, most of you were probably wondering what in the world I was thinking in picking out a slippery fabric when I can barely sew two pieces of cotton together? Well, there are two answers to that. The first answer is polka dots, when I see polka dots I am immediately rendered incapable of making an educated decision and lose all willpower that I preciously possessed. Secondly, I am simply not a perfectionist and I don't really mind if my shirt comes out slightly wonky due to my poor fabric choice. I would probably wear the thing even is I sewed the wrong sides together and every single one of my seams were visible.

That's all for tonight as I am off to do some virtual window shopping!

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  1. Excessive pinning (and harsh language) helps with slippery fabrics. In my naivete, I used poly costume satin on my 4th ever project LOL

    And you do get a bit more speed once you gain some experience and confidence!