Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

I don't have any new finished garments to show off today, though I have been sewing. I finished an apron, another version of McCalls 6825, which brings my tally of aprons created from that pattern to five. Over the weekend I also cut out a few things that I hope to make in the coming weeks, including a sleeveless top, a retro half-apron, and a loose fitting short sleeve jacket. Hopefully, they will appear here in finished form very soon.

Now, let's move onto the really fun stuff! I love vintage fashion and spend far more of my free time than I care to admit looking at said fashion on the internet, in vintage magazines, and by dumping out my containers full of vintage patterns. Hopefully after making a few more modern patterns I will dive into the world of vintage patterns. I have made two aprons from a vintage pattern, which resulted in tie ends so short they would barely tie around my waist.

Now, let's take a look at this beautiful little piece of fashion history.
The dress on the right is fantastic! I love the color combination and anything with a bow has my automatic seal of approval. Well, with the exception of horrendous eighties bridesmaids dresses with huge satin bows positioned in the most unflattering way on your backside that seem to overpopulate thrift stores from coast to coast. Now let's get back to the dress at hand. While I love the dress I have no need for a formal dress like that anytime soon nor do I have the skills needed to make a formal dress yet. However, I think that I can definitely use the dress for some inspiration. I'm thinking a knee length dress done in the same color combination with a pink belt or sash? Another option could be a white skirt paired with a top that in the same color as the bodice of the dress in the picture, again with a pink belt or sash tied around my waist? Given the length of my attention span there is a pretty good chance that none of the above scenarios will ever come to fruition though.

That's all for tonight ,but hopefully I will have a finished top to show ya'll soon.

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