Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Christmas Apron

As I promised in my first post, I am going to show the army of aprons that I have stitched thus far. First up is the apron I made specifically for Christmas baking. The fabric is a Christmas fabric from Michael Miller that I picked up on Etsy. I used McCalls 5825 for my pattern and it was super quick and easy to put together. So quick and easy in fact that I made three more to give to my grandmother,mother, and aunt as Christmas gifts. They were very well received, even if I did finish the last one 30 minutes before I was to be at Christmas Eve dinner. Without further adieu I present to you the Christmas apron of twenty ten...


  1. Beautiful apron. Am looking forward to seeing more of them.

    OK, I'll Follow you as you become a "be" from a "wannabe". Of course later you may have to change the title of your blog.

  2. My first comment! Yes, I will have to change my title as I (hopefully) progress. Thanks for being my first follower!